Another Call for Help

There’s another bill coming forward in the Nebraska Unicameral that will add to the protection of people who bike, as well as those who walk, or are confined to wheelchairs. LB641 affords the same rights to bicycles and wheelchairs in crosswalks as those given to pedestrians.Those of you who read LB39 will recall that it contained similar provisions; Therefore, while LB39 is currently stalled in committee, it is to the benefit of all vulnerable road users that LB641 move out of committee and move to the floor for discussion/debate/amendment.

Speaking of LB39, I reported in error last week in saying that it was dead. As noted above, it is simply being held up in committee. It is still possible that this bill could make it to the floor as well if it receives sufficient support in the committee meetings.

Please contact your senator regarding these two bills. They both will move us forward in protecting people who walk and people who ride bikes when we used the public roads.


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