Bike Month in Omaha

May is rapidly approaching (like, next Friday!) and with it comes Bike Month. A month-long celebration of all things pedaled, the purpose is to help raise awareness of cycling as transportation, recreation, commuting, fitness, and whatever other reasons there are to ride. Not that you need a reason because, let’s face it, we do it mostly because it’s FUN! Anyway, a quick search of my emails and the web didn’t provide a whole lot of Omaha happenings, but here’s what I did find.

  • Early May, Mayor’s proclamation. I contacted the mayor’s office, and she is planning to issue a declaration that May is Bike Month in Omaha. Not sure of the date or location, but will update the post when I find out more.
  • May 9th, Great American Pie Ride. Sponsored by the Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club, this ride provides the opportunity to not only ride your bike, but to replace your energy bars with some of the areas finest baked goods. Offering a choice of four routes, it all starts at 9:00am. More can be found if you click right about here.
  • May 10th, Cyclofemme Ride. Celebrate women on bikes by bringing your family to the Cyclofemme Ride – Omaha. This year the ride will be held at Walnut Creek Recreation Area starting at 9:00am. If pavement is not your thing, this year’s event also offers the opportunity to hit the trails on your mountain bike. See more on their Facebook page.
  • May 15th, National Bike to Work Day. Rumor has it that Omaha Bikes is coordinating with bike shops, business, employers and cyclists to set up “aid” stations for folks who commute to work on this day.Not sure where they’ll be, but I’m fairly certain the major routes will be covered.
  • May 20th, Ride of Silence. Sponsored by the Bellevue Bicycle Club, this ride is to comemorate those who have lost their lives while cycling on the roads of the metro area. This ride will start @7:00pm from the Bellevue Loop Trail Head at 3602 Raynor Parkway, Bellevue NE. The ride will have a motorcycle escort provided by Bellevue Police and Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office. For more information, contact Lynn Rollins by filling out this form.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. I’m sure there’s more and I’ll add it to the list as I learn of it. If you know of anything, please let me know in the comments below or by emailing



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