Bikes and Business: Why You Want a Bike Lane in Front of Your Store

So here’s something for local retailers (NOT the mega-boxes) to think about: If I’m driving home  and pass your storefront, I’m probably cruising along at 35mph or more. Hopefully, the majority of my attention is focused in front of me (after all, I am controlling at least one ton of machine!) How much time does that give me for seeing what you have in your window? Or on your sign out front? Heck, I probably don’t even notice you’re there.

Now imagine me on a bicycle on a protected bike lane. Or as a pedestrian, on the sidewalk. Now, as I pass your doorway, I have time to recognize your existence, to note what you’ve got in your window, and to make a decision to stop. Want to make it even easier? Make sure there’s a bike rack close by where I can lock up my transportation. Sure, I may not have a lot of “trunk” space or a back seat to carry my purchases, but if you’re on my regular commuting route, that means I pass your store eight to ten times per week. That’s ten opportunities for me to stop in and make purchases! So doesn’t it make sense to help support my chosen means of transportation? Why aren’t you on the phone RIGHT NOW asking the Planning Department, Public Works Department, and the City Council to put a bike lane on the street in front of your store? And don’t forget the bike corral parking!


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