Keeping Transportation Alternatives Alive

Having failed to eliminate alternative transportation from the recently passed Transportation Spending Bill, some members of Congress are attempting to remove it from the US Code altogether. On June 2, 2015, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) introduced H.R.2609 for consideration. This bill will completely eliminate all references to the Transportation Alternatives Program from Title 23 of the US Code. Short titled “Right-of-Way for American Drivers Act of 2015,” the bill could effectively end the Federal Government’s participation in supporting walking, cycling, and (possibly) public transportation.

The bill has already been passed from the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure to the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit (June 3, 2015.)

There’s no time like the present to let your Representative and Senators know how you feel about this issue. If we jump on this now, perhaps we can stop it from ever making it to the House floor. If we do nothing, we’ll be left with nothing.



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