Taking Omaha’s Metro, Part 1

Laura and I made plans to meet a friend at Film Streams to watch The Wolfpack (interesting movie, but that’s another story.) Since we took advantage of a special that Metro offered, we decided to take the bus, my first time on Omaha’s public transportation.

After checking out the route and schedule on Google Maps, we set out from home, walking the .4 miles to the stop where we’d board. Having given ourselves ten minutes extra time for the walk, we had a ten minute wait for our ride. I was pleasantly surprised by the punctuality.

For a holiday at midafternoon, the bus was surprisingly full although there was a choice of empty seats. The trip was pleasant and uneventful except for a short delay when it stalled midway in th  trip. We arrived safely at our disembarking point and Wales the two blocks to the coffee shop and theater.

As we walked to our pickup point after the movie and dinner, we saw a bus pull away from the stop. Since it was about eight minutes earlier than our chariot was scheduled, I remarked to Laura that I hoped it wasn’t our bus. Twenty minutes later, we concluded that it had been. We hopped on the next bus twenty-five minutes after that, greeted by the same driver who had brought us downtown.

I should have looked more closely at the list of apps along the way; thinking we were closer to our “home” stop than we were, I pulled the cord too soon. Inadvertently, I’d added .2 miles to the walk home. Not a huge error, bot a by embarrassing. At least we added to the step counts on our fitness trackers.

My overall experience and impression of Omaha’s Metro was a good one. The buses were clean and the driver friendly. We’ll be using the system more often since it relieves us of finding parking and dealing with traffic. In fact, I’ll be considering it installed of the car anytime I/we head out. Assuming that a bike isn’t an option.


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