So What Makes You Happy (Part 1a)

I thought about the title of this post, but decided that since it really is a continuation of Part 1, Part 1a was appropriate.

When I left you, I was starting on my quest to relieve myself of “stuff,” accumulated detritus of my life that at one time was relevant but now just takes up space. I began with an inventory of the garage, immediately finding a generator, table saw, and radial arm saw. None of these items had been used in the four years I’ve been here (or if they were, a substitute was also at hand.) The generator’s already been liberated, and the radial arm saw will soon be following suit after a quick cleaning. Of these items, the table saw will be last as I do have a short-term (read one week) need for it.

I’ve also decided that I really can’t justify owning five bikes of my own. I mean, as much as I like to ride, how much riding can one person actually do? I’ve yet to figure out how to ride more than one at a time, so I’m starting to thin the herd by getting rid of my Trek 4500 (the bike that served me well on my GAP/C&O ride in 2010) and the GT Autoshifter I got in a trade with my stepson Kyle in 2013 (I’ve never ridden this bike any distance, but the five speed autoshifter intrigued me.) That would leave me with a Dahon Mariner (mostly for trips with Amtrak,) my Surly Disc Trucker (a joy to ride and, for me, a good all purpose bike,) and my Pugsley (my sand, snow, and trail joy ride bike.) Realistically, that should be enough bike for anyone. I’ll probably get wheel locks, seat locks, and other extra security for the Trucker for using around town.

A couple of book shelves stored in the garage will be repurposed to store camping/backpacking/kayaking gear in the basement. When my son, Stuart III comes to visit next year, I’ll most likely gift my wooden kayak to him as no one else in the family can fit into it properly. Then it’s dumpster time! And a LOT of crap will be gotten rid of.

Stay tuned. I haven’t even looked at my book collection yet.


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