Over the last few days, I’ve read a couple of stories from the Trans America Bike Race that started rattling something in my brainpan. The first was about winner Lael Wilcox. In setting a record time for women crossing the country unsupported, Ms. Wilcox bested all of her male competitors as well. To be honest I don’t remember the exact time it took her, but it was pretty darned impressive. My cap’s off to you, Lael. Great results for an epic effort.

I also read about Thomas Camero, who has not yet finished the race; in fact, he is dead last. However, I am equally impressed by this gentleman who seems to be enjoying the experience every bit as much. As he moves from town to town, Mr. Camero is collecting autographs from the people he meets in his Adventure Cycling book. It almost seems as though he considers this a tour rather than a race.

Which got me thinking: who truly is the winner? Both Wilcox and Camero set out with specific goals, one of which is to reach Yorktown VA after starting out on the West Coast. Past that, their missions seem to diverge. Lael wanted to go fast, to beat record, and to be the first to the finish. Thomas wanted to savor the experience of crossing the country on his bicycle. Both started; both will hopefully finish successfully.

In contemplating this, I was reminded of an old adage, one I sometimes lose sight of. Success is a journey, not a destination. Yes, there are goals to be attained, peaks to climb, and adversity to conquer. But the journey, the steps we take to reach our destination, how we move forward is what we will most remember. So enjoy the ride, however you choose to do it.

Ride on


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