Bits & Pieces

This is just a quick little post of bike (and other) things that come to mind.

First, Trump should get a refund for all those misprinted caps; they should read “Make America Grate Again,” because this election cycle is sure grating on my nerves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the citizenry so divided. Plus there’s a lot of cheese coming from both campaigns.

October is just around the corner which means Biketober is coming! Last of the season push to get those rides in before the cold weather sets in and only the hardy venture out on two wheels. Plus, some shops will be celebrating the month with sales! Who’s opposed to saving a bit of coin?

This year, October also brings the fourth anniversary of the opening of one of my favorite shops: the Omaha Bicycle Company! Sarah and crew have been around for four years dishing out advice, doling out advocacy, and doing whatever they can to support the cycling community. This year, they’re putting together a bike-related zine to celebrate, so if you’re a writer, poet, artist, etc., submit your works for inclusion. Email submissions to

October is also the start of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Started by Chasing Mailboxes in the DC area, the challenge has grown to international proportions. Completion of the challenge earns you bragging rights (plus a patch if you’re willing to cover the costs.) Last year there were no winners from Nebraska which seems a bit ridiculous to me since there’s so many great coffee stops. So this year, let’s change that. You can find details on her blog by following this link:

I think Laura and I will be back on the bikes soon. You’ll recall that she underwent shoulder surgery late in the Spring. I stayed off the bike voluntarily as I wanted to show support and sympathy. She is now cleared to ride, so once we’re over the colds we now share we’ll be back on the roads and trails.

Finally, the folks over at Papio-Missouri NRD are showing a little love for the cycling community. Rumor has it that they are looking to install ten fixit stations around the trails and parks in the Omaha area. How’s that for support?

OK, that’s all that I can shake out of my brain for now. If I think of more, or if there’s breaking bike news, I’ll jump back in. Until then…

Roll on!


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