Winter Is Coming!

No, this isn’t a reminder that the new season of Game of Thrones is on the way (although John and his friends are coming back soon,) but a statement of fact. The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, and ol’ Sol doesn’t seem to be warming us up as much.

So how do you prepare for Winter’s embrace? Here, I pretty much hang up the road/touring bike and check out the mountain (for everyday errand running) and fat bikes (for when the snow gets a bit deeper.) I also dust off the indoor stationary bike for keeping the lungs and legs ready for longer rides in the Spring.

For clothing, I break out the Merino wool tops and the running tights. I find that using these as a base layer works in most colder situations. Footwear is a switch from sandals to closed shoes, with an overshoe as needed. And wool socks. Can”t beat the wool for keeping the toes toasty!

During the Winter months, I also review my advocacy efforts over the past year and try to look ahead to the coming year. 2017 will bring a mayoral election to Omaha , and I hope to make transportation choice one of the issues the candidates consider. I’ll also be putting similar litmus tests to council members and representatives in the Unicameral. As I get answers to my queries, I’ll post them and give my opinion. Stay tuned!

Roll on!


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