Happy New Year!!

It’s a new year, a new month, a new week, and a new day. Sounds like the perfect time for new beginnings, doesn’t it?I plan on being much more active this year, not only in bike but also myself. You will recall that Laura (my partner in life) underwent shoulder surgery last year that kept her off the bike until the very end of the season. I chose to forego riding myself in consideration of her feelings. That will change in this new year, because 1. She’s healed and ready to go, 2. She is now the proud owner of a Copenhagen Wheel, and 3. We’re both tired of getting around town in a little metal box!

So let’s discuss #2 from above for a minute. I ordered the wheel back in early 2015 hoping (unrealistically) that it would arrive in time for our first anniversary. The good folks at Superpedestrian wanted to assure that the product they put out was as safe and reliable as they could make it. So that anniversary passed, and another, without the wheel.

Finally, just before Christmas, I received notice that it had shipped.  Just two days after that holiday, the elves in the brown truck delivered the box. Like little kids, we ripped it open and gazed on our Red Ryder bb gun (yeah, I know it’s a corny allusion to A Christmas Story, but we were happy!)


Hurriedly, I read through the instructions, grabbed the wheel,and ran out to the garage. I’n not sure I ever took a wheel off a bike as quickly as I did Laura’s Citizen, but in short order I was attaching the Copenhagen to it. All this on the garage floor as the wheel itself weighs around 50#, and I was too lazy to try to lift it into my repair stand (resolution#1: weight training!) Meanwhile, Laura downloaded the app, read the manual and familiarized herself with the controls.

The time had come! I rolled the bike out of the garage, and it stood in the driveway with its bright red hub shining in the sun. I grabbed my mountain bike (because it was the most readily  available) to follow along on this maiden voyage in case adjustments were needed. And follow I did. It took Laura about 30 seconds to figure out the new addition and she took off like a shot. When I reached where she had stopped to allow me to catch up, she was all smiles. At this point, she had a hill or two she wanted to climb/test the wheel, so she took off while I returned home. Twenty minutes or so later she returned with a smile that I imagine could only mirror that on the day she got her first bike as a kid. She’s hooked!

Her/our intentions are to ride the bike to work once the weather warms a bit so the next order of business is mapping out a safe route to follow. Now that she can easily climb the hills (particularly the one we live on) bikes as transportation will become much easier. Even if I do have to accept that she’ll be the one in the lead.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope to see you on two wheels around Omaha!

Roll on!


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