Bicycle Infrastructure: Fixit Stations

Bicycle Infrastructure: Fixit Stations


We’ve all seen them. Some of us have even used them for quick fixes and adjustments. The Fixit Station. There are currently just over 15 stations in the Omaha area (that I know of at least.) Clicking on the link will take you to a map showing those whose owners agreed to publication. The number of stations will more than double in the near future, thanks to Missouri-Papio NRD and the Eastern Nebraska Trails Network. All of these organizations have procured and installed these stations for use not only by their own employees and clientele but, graciously, also for the use of the general public. They deserve our gratitude for this.

With almost as many owners as there are stations, some issues can arise. If a station needs maintenance or repair, who does the cyclist contact? Some of you will recall that this happened last year when a pump head malfunctioned. In at least one case, the organization that installed the station no longer exists, leaving the unit orphaned (and in this case, derelict.) Who is responsible for the maintenance of these benefits to our community?

Omaha Bikes is working on what they hope will be a solution to the quandary. In this solution, the owners of each station will purchase a maintenance plan for each unit. That plan will cover two scheduled maintenance visits to perform the tasks as detailed by the Dero manual. In addition, two more inspection visits will be included to check the units for missing or broken tools. If additional work is required (i.e., tools replaced,) the charge will be the cost of the tools plus labor to install. Owners will be notified before this work is performed.

Omaha Bikes has agreed to be the central contact for bicycle riders who wish to report problems with a Fixit Station. Cyclists with a smartphone will be able to scan a QR code which will open up the web browser on the phone to a reporting site. A unit number will be autopopulated and a textbox will allow for descriptive entry of the problem.

Once received, Omaha Bikes will notify one of the organizations who have agreed to perform the maintenance labor. Which brings me to the purpose of this post (took long enough, didn’t it.) Omaha Bikes is looking for clubs, groups, organizations (preferably bike related) who may be interested in providing the labor for this plan. These will be Contract Organizations (CO.) Our current proposal is to pay CO a contracted rate of $5 – $6 for each unit maintenance visit, with an additional $2.50 – $3 for inspection visits. This equates to $10 – $12 per hour according to Dero estimates. While this won’t make your club/organization rich, it may help to further your mission.

If you know of a club, group or organization who might be interested in working with Omaha Bikes on providing this service, please reply in the comments below.

Thanks, and Roll On!


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