Bike Month 2017 (Intro)

Well here it is, February 22, 2017, and Bike  Month is just over ten weeks away in May. This annual celebration of all things wheeled and people powered brings opportunities for riders, old and new, to find new ways to use their bikes for recreation, commuting, and all-around transportation.

There are several groups who give chances to get on your bike and ride.  The first to be covered here is 30 Days of Biking. Participants pledge (starting on March 1) to ride their bikes every day during the month of April. Any length ride qualifies, so if it’s raining, or cold, or whatever all you have to do is ride down the block and home again. Easy-peasy! 30 Days gives you multiple ways on social media to keep up with their community during the month. A great way to warm up and get into shape for the month to follow.

Here in Omaha, you can get your bike looked over and minor adjustments made for free. Just find Omaha Bikes at Earth Day on April 22. In addition to providing bike valet service for the event, Omaha Bikes will have a few volunteer mechanics to make sure your bike is safe to operate.

Now that you and your trusty steed are ready, May brings multiple events and opportunities to celebrate. Yep, May is Bike Month. If past history holds true, just about every bike shop in the city will have sales, classes, and events to keep you riding. As I see these events appear, I’ll add in another Events entry. I”m sure that Live Well Omaha will once again start their season long Commuter Challenge. Running from May 1 through September 30, it allows individuals and teams to log their miles of walking, riding and taking transit to earn bragging rights (and maybe a prize or two.)

Want to double your fun? Join the National Bike Challenge. Hosted by the League of American Bicyclists, the NBC has the same dates as Omaha’s Commuter Challenge. Keep your team and make those miles count twice.

I’ll post more on Bike Month as more details become available. In the meantime, check your bike and map your routes. Spring (and Bike Month) is coming!

Roll on!


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