Learning What I Don’t Know

For a while now, I’ve wanted to add to my cycling advocate resume by becoming a League of American Bicyclist Certified League Instructor (LCI). I’d take the Traffic Skills 101 class WAAAY back in 2013, and decided that the next step was LCI. There had been a class offered immediately after the TS101 class I took, but there was also a “meeting of the minds” of the cycling community from which came the rebirth of Omaha Bikes. I made the choice (and would do so again today) to attend that meeting and take the class the next time it was offered in Omaha. Little did I know that it would be 3-1/2 years later.

After rejoining the League (not sure how that lapsed), Laura and I both registered for the class, took the assessment, and got ready to spend a weekend with like-minded folks. Unfortunately, Laura came down sick, so I attended alone.

Friday evening, I took my seat along with the other LCI candidates. I knew many of them either personally or through reputation. There were even a couple from that long ago. TSI class. We covered the syllabus, and learned some basic teaching techniques. We also received our final presentation project assignments. Off to the races!

The next two days were filled with projects, drills, assessments and tests (I won’t bore you with descriptions). Finally on Sunday, we got the word on whether we were now qualified to teach.

I suspect that most everyone passed. However, I was given some remedial work to do on Avoidance Drills. Once I practice and demonstrate to another LCI that I have mastered them, I’ll receive my certification. In the evaluations I received from the  other candidates, I learned that one of my presentation/teaching weaknesses is student engagement. Basically, I come across as “teaching at” rather than “teaching to.”

Which got me wondering: Do I come across the same way on my little blog? I know there are not (yet) a ton of you reading my entries, but for those that do: am I coming across as “preachy?” If I am, what suggestions would you make to help me to better engage with you, the reader. Please let me know.

With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy what appears to be a magnificent Spring day. Get out there and breathe it all in. Until next time…

Roll on!


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