Bits && Pieces

Last week I took the bus to meet Laura at Metro’s South Campus. While waiting at a transfer stop, I observed three separate cars jump the curb while making a right turn. Good indication that something more needs to be done in design of our streets to make them safer for people who walk or bike.

Had the opportunity to hear Chuck Barohn of Strong Towns speak at the Sustainability Launchpad. Lots of good ideas, but in some ways he takes more of a market approach in forming his arguments rather than a people approach. Still, an informative discussion.


image L.P.

Today is Earth Day. I remember the first one, way back in 1970. While I appreciate the celebration of our planet, it concerns me that the other 364 days of the year aren’t focused on the same things. We need to be protecting Mother Earth EVERY day. At any rate, we’ll be rolling out of here on our bikes in a little while to go see what’s new in the community. Perhaps even taking part in the March for Science this evening.

Short post, but as always…

Roll on!


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