Bike Month(?)

MaypoleMonday is May 1, and while some might celebrate the occasion by dancing around a pole with ribbons, those of us who pedal recognize it for what it truly is: the start of Bike Month. Started and  sponsored by the League of bikemonthAmerican Bicyclists, it should be 31 days full of two (or three) wheeled events, reaching a crescendo during Bike to Work Week where all the commuting warriors of the road receive our praise and adulation.

A Google search of events nearby proved disheartening. Apparently, in Omaha Bike Month will be more whimper than WOW. Even looking at the website for Omaha Bikes was a disappointment. Here’s what I did find.

Bike to Work Week will be May 15 – 19. The annual Mayors’ Ride will be on May 18th, followed by a Handlebar Happy Hour (the only event with the Omaha Bikes brand I found.) The ride will start at the Bob Kerry Bridge at 5:00pm.

The only recognition of Bike to Work Day that my search revealed was a Commuter Appreciation Station that will be hosted by the good folks at Omaha Bicycle Company. They’ll be at 1700 Country Club Avenue, so stop by if your route takes you that way. I’m sure there will be others but I couldn’t find them advertised.

Not sure if it was coincidental or planned, but on May 5 the Bike for Sight Ride heads out from Miller’s Landing. More info at

The Omaha Commuter Challenge also kicks off on May 1, so log your biking, transit, and walking miles.

Don’t forget the National Bike Challenge. This year a Strava account is a requirement. Not a fan of Strava so I’ll likely sit this one out.

One event noticeably missing from this year’s lineup: Cyclofemme.cyclofemme If it truly is missing, I hope it makes a return next year as it is a great vehicle for promoting gender equity in cycling.

If I’m correct in this (and I sincerely hope I’m not), the entire celebration of Bike Month will be compressed into two days in Omaha. If I’m wrong and you know of other planned events, please let me know in the comments. I really, truly want to be wrong. At any rate, I hope I’ll see you on the roads and trails around town, not just in May but year-round. Until then…

5/3/17 – Two more Commuter Appreciation Stations have surfaced:
Trek Bicycle Stores will be at Aksarben Village near the Keystone Trail
Alley, Poyner, Macchietto Architecture at their offices, 1516 Cuming St.

Omaha Bikes has a contest going following their Positivity theme. Details on their website.

5/4/17- A couple more stations:
Bellevue Bicycle Club – behind Culver’s in Bellevue
RDG Planning & Design – 10th & Farnum

5/17/17 – Bellevue Bicycle Club’s Ride of Silence

Roll on!


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