Plunger Aftermath

More on “Plungergate!”

A couple of weeks since our little protected bike lane demonstration, and we’re still getting comments on it. When I went to the dentist last Monday, the dentist and two of the hygienists/assistants asked me if I had been in the paper or on the news. After telling them the purpose and how we did it (with names withheld to protect the “innocent”) they proclaimed us heroes of the cycling community. Doesn’t hurt that the doc and at least of the assistants are cyclists.


There’s also been a bit of semi-official reaction to the demonstration. Apparently, at the May meeting of the Mayor’s Active Living Advisory Committee, there was an agenda item titled “Guerilla Bicycle Facilities on 63rd Street.” While the minutes/notes of the meeting have yet to be published, I’ve heard that the group was of two sides: one side wanted to condemn the action, while the other suggested letting it pass. I look forward to reading the notes to see what (if anything) good will come of it.

The residents of the 63rd & Shirley neighborhood haven’t let it go yet, either. A Facebook page has been started to continue pointing out the dangers of that intersection and the speeding traffic on 63rd. At least one local station has continued coverage of the issue.

I don’t know what will come of this long-term. I do know that there hasn’t been this much attention paid to ped/bike infrastructure since the firing of Omaha’s “Bike Czar” (I hate that term) in the early throes of the Stothert administration. If folks continue to talk and react, and if they promote change where it’s needed, then I count the action as a success.

Roll on!


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