About provOmaha

So what is provOmaha?

The name is a mashup of Provo and Omaha. In this case Provo is not a city in Utah, but the name of a Dutch counterculture movement of the mid-twentieth century. It was derived from the word provoceren which means ‘to provoke.’

The Omaha portion of the name is the city I have chosen to call home. It’s a wonderful town with great possibilities for the future if things are done wisely.

So with provOmaha, I’m hoping to provoke thought and inspire debate on the choices and directions the city and its leaders make, mostly on transportation. You may not always agree with what I think or say (for the sake of my humility, I hope you don’t), but I do hope you’ll consider my stance. In return, I promise to listen to yours with openness and respect.

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